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Occupational Therapy For Kids

When your child needs a helping hand in their development, our team of certified occupational therapy professionals is here to guide them. At Pueblo Pediatric Therapy Center in Pueblo, CO, we work together with families and children of all ages by providing effective therapy treatment sessions.

Our pediatric therapy clinic makes treatment fun while being client-centered and tailored to each child’s specific needs. We do everything we can to help your child feel comfortable and find confidence in themselves.

Our Services

Activities of Daily Living/Self-Care

Activities of Daily Living (ADLs) or self-care skills is one area we work with children to develop. These tasks may include grooming, toileting, hygiene, dressing, and more. We are here to help children grow their independence and find self-confidence along the way.

Gross Motor Development and Coordination

Gross motor control of the large muscle groups and posture is a critical foundation to all other aspects of development. We strive to provide a “just right” challenge to successfully develop each child’s balance, coordination, strength, and endurance. We offer support through a wide variety of developmentally appropriate activities.

Early Intervention of Infants and Toddlers

Early intervention is provided within the most vulnerable stages of life between birth and age 3. We work closely with early intervention agencies to coordinate this care. Infants and toddlers who show delays in the acquisition and/or quality of their development due to a variety of issues can benefit from occupational therapy.

Fine Motor Development and Coordination

We help children develop and control the small and detailed movements of the wrist, hand, and finger muscles. The development and integration of fine motor skills is essential for children’s participation and performance in academic, play, and self-care activities. We ensure success through fun and engaging activities, games, and more.

Child Care worker with Child in Pueblo, CO

Feeding Therapy

We can help your child with a variety of feeding needs. Picky eating, transitioning from tube feeding to oral feeding, improving mouth and tongue control, and developing skills with forks and spoons are all areas we address. Through individualized interventions that address the sensory, motor, and social aspects of eating to specialized curriculums, we will work with you and your child to make mealtime more enjoyable and successful for all.

Social Skills

If your child is experiencing some delay or challenges in their social skill development, allow us to help them. We help children learn how to interact with others by engaging in age-appropriate social activities and providing spontaneous social opportunities with peers. Through numerous interactive activities, we make learning these skills fun and enjoyable.

Comprehensive Behavioral Intervention for Tics (CBIT)

Tics (vocal and/or motor) can seriously impact and interrupt a wide variety of a child’s daily activities. CBIT is an evidence-based treatment for children (and adults) with tics that provide management strategies to lessen the impact of tics on daily activities and routines. PPTC is proud to have a CBIT certified therapist on staff to help your child.

Neurodevelopmental Techniques

If your child is experiencing posture and movement difficulties neurodevelopmental techniques help lessen these effects. We will work with you and your child to experience movement in a variety of new ways. These strategies can be used throughout your child’s daily routines and activities.

Child Care worker with Child in Pueblo, CO

Handwriting Skills

We can help children develop handwriting skills through numerous methods. We focus on the foundational skills required for effective handwriting. This includes building posture, eye-hand coordination, finger dexterity, and selecting the handwriting style best suited for each child.

Physical Rehab

If your child has suffered an injury or illness that has altered their participation in meaningful activities, allow us to provide the physical rehabilitation they need. We strive to help children regain their skills through age-appropriate and fun tasks. As a result, your child will find confidence and increased skill in challenging activities.

Ayres’ Sensory Integration

Does your child have trouble organizing the sensations from their world or body? Through sensory integration techniques we use challenging and fun activities that require the “just right” amount of effort for each child and situation. We can help your child develop more efficient sensory processing and self-regulatory skills to adapt to any environment.

Pediatric Occupational Therapy

For more information about our pediatric occupational therapy services, please contact us at 719-253-7727 today!